With 100 years of experience we can confidently say that we know how to build apparatuses and vessels.

Above all, we know which additional processes are involved.


Engineering includes all the stages in the project from the planning to the design and then finally to the TÜV inspection and delivery. Technical and mechanical engineering are two different fields of work which go hand in hand and influence each other. We work meticulously and implement all the required DIN standards effectively and project-related. Profit from our experience and let us realize your project together.


Project management

[ Technical Engineering ]

We supervise the entire process from design to planning, construction, TÜV certification and delivery. We provide an all-round package from complete communication, scheduling and interface coordination for all aspects of vessels and columns.

Advanced planning

[ Technical Engineering ]

Before the vessels and columns are designed, the budget and container designs need to be estimated. We determine the foundation loads for you and calculate initial structural designs.


[ Technical Engineering ]

We rely on simple empirical research and detailed FEM methods and advise you in detail at every step of the process about your possibilities.


[ Technical Engineering ]

We take over the complete project documentation so that TÜV will be satisfied and you will always have an overview of the scope of the project.


[ Mechanical Engineering ]

We calculate all aspects of your vessels and columns: structural analysis, load change analysis, system analysis, vessel dimensions and FEM analysis.

Foundation planning

[ Mechanical Engineering ]

Foundations have to last long and withstand all weather conditions. We determine the loads for the foundation planning and take into account all rules and regulations for all weather conditions, thermal loads, pipelines, walkways and steel constructions.

Creation of drawings

[ Mechanical Engineering ]

We provide you with planning drawings in 2D and 3D for your vessels and columns.

Vessels qualification

[ Mechanical Engineering ]

We take care of the qualification processes of your vessels and agitators according to existing machine guidelines and taking into account ATEX.

We do the planning with our own company 3D calculation software!

Our calculation program, which we developed in-house, is based on geometric information and information on the design data of the vessels and columns. The program carries out the design of the vessel according to AD-2000 regulations or according to EN13445. An integrated FE model also makes it possible to take into account external loads according to common standards and regulations and determines the resulting cutting size and supporting loads.

fast creation of 3D shell models

variable and optimising calculation in a short time

compact calculation of statics, strength and stability in one program

As a certified ASME vessel manufacturer with U-Stamp we design your vessels in accordance with ASME VIII-1 and provide all the necessary materials conforming to the regulations. The vessels are designed according to the desired version of the design code and the design is carried out using commercial, state-of-the-art software. Whether on a national or international level, we handle your projects in the usual Glatt quality and support you with our experience.

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