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Welcome to the Michael Glatt Maschinenbau GmbH

We are a competent manufacturer of columns, reactors, tanks and heat exchangers. The leading brands in the chemical, pharmaceutical and bio technology as well as the silicon industry rely on our products.


With 100 years of experience we can confidently say how apparatuses and vessels are built. More than that we know which processes are required. Therefore we supply not only vessels of the highest quality, but are also leaders in technical and mechanical engineering.


We design vessels and columns according to your requirements and instructions, develop these further, manufacture the product, take care of the certification and deliver it to you. Glatt is good at being transparent and honest, professional and fast.

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We have always been located in Abensberg, a picturesque area in the district of Kelheim which is south of Regensburg and north of Ingolstadt. That sounds tranquil and cosy. However our productss are known globally. Our vessels and columns are installed all over Europe e.g. in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland and worldwide in China, Indonesia, Singapore and in the USA. Convince yourself.

Slim giants, perfectly made to your requirements. We build packed and plated columns of the highest quality and deliver them in one piece.

For decades we have been a leading specialist for the manufacture of industrial pressure vessels. You can also rely on our experience for the engineering and construction of pressure vessels. They are mainly made of stainless steel and, depending on application, pickled, passivated or coated.

In 2012 we extended what we offer with our own machining and processing center for mechanical work. Thus, apart from the construction of vessels, we also offer the construction of other engineered welded parts. If required, your parts can be finished on our gantry machines.