Surface Finishing

Corrosion Prevention with leading edge technology

To ensure dependable corrosion protection, our stainless steel vessels are being pickled and passivated across the entire external and internal surface in our new, modern and temperature-optimized corrosion protection hall.

The building with dimension L=45m, B=10m, H=10m counts to one of the largest pickling plants in Germany.

E-Polishing is sometimes needed for certain applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food technology. The positively charged vessel is thereby submerged in a galvanic bath of concentrated mineral acid and DC voltage is applied. This procedure is thereby creating a very smooth surface. After this procedure of electro-polishing, the surface has a high-gloss finish which is highly corrosion-resistant and offers drastically reduced deposit formation and improved cleaning performances.

Summary of our Surface Finishing:

  • Pickling, Passivating
  • Grinding, Polishing
  • Electro-Polishing
  • Blasting, Coating
  • GRP-Coating