Michael Glatt Maschinenbau GmbH

Vessels, Apparatuses, Columns, Reactors, Agitator Vessels and Tanks

The Michael Glatt Maschinenbau GmbH is remarkable for its outstanding way of order processing. This even starts with the offer: The offer is elaborated in a very sophisticated way in order for you to have optimum planning safety.

Our modern technology will meet your highest demands. We provide first-class half-pipe coil jacket welding using an automated welding machine. For this reason, we are the leading company in constructing vessels and apparatuses. Trust our experienced and dedicated team. Every single detail of your project will be carried out in a professional, provident and reliable way.

We will be pleased to submit you a detailed offer – regarding columns, agitator vessels, tanks, pressure vessels, reactors and fermenters. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your advantages with us:

  • Reliable Offers
  • Adherence to delivery dates
  • Implementation of the most modern technology
  • Factory approval free of defects